Internal Branding, Right Now !

Monday, June 05, 2006

In common business practice, company uses marketing activity to market their products and services. A company tends to use maximum efforts and spend a lot of expenses in external branding to grab more and more customers in commercial market. But, somehow they might forget to do internal branding through their employees.

Employees should represent brand promise effectively, because the employees are brand promise-keeper to the costumers, that is why internal communication should be setup to communicate values and behaviors that reflect brand promise. All employees would feel that they also own the brand, so then all marketing effort to the customers will be understandable and supported by employees. By doing internal branding, brand values would be synchronized with the corporate culture. If every employee is on board; having sense of belonging to the brand, working inline with a company's vision and mission, and continuously delivering positive experiences for customers, a company's brand will be priceless.

Conclusively, all employees are marketers; if they become your brand ambassadors then you will have great resources to win the battle in the market.

posted by : Andrias Ekoyuono ( andri )


Anonymous said...

First step to build internal branding is making all employees proud of working in your company. Some simple examples, employees on Coca Cola Company are proud of drinking Coca Cola. Employees of BMW are proud wearing t-shirt with BMW logo on it. It is not an easy way to get there, for sure, but it is worth lots to do for. Internal branding is also a way to advertise your product or company. It is more credible than usual advertising. Nice posting, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thank's gan infonya !!!!

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